Practice Schedule Oct 15th -19th



Mon  Oct 15th

Tues Oct 16th   

Wed Oct 17th  

Thurs Oct 18th  

Fri Oct 19th



Junior Boys

Developmental Girls

Senior Girls


Junior Girls


Senior Girls

Senior vs CLB (Boys 4pm, Girls 5pm)

Junior Boys & Senior Boys Practice together!!

Senior Boys

Gym Open

Developmental Teams @ FRH (Boys 1st, Girls 2nd)  


Junior Girls

Junior @ CLB (Boys 4pm, Girls 5pm)


Developmental Boys


  • Teams Jasper Place Tournament Oct 19th-21st

Senior League Schedule

Junior League Schedule 

Developmental Teams Parent Information Sheet (Fees, busing info. etc.) 


Tournament Draws

Jasper Place Tourney Oct 18,19,20 (sorry the draw was given to me in literally 9 different sheets here is the rundown players will be given paper copies of all the playoff draws)

Junior LLR Tourney Draw October 25,26,27

Developmental FRH Tourney Draw Nov 2,3 


Fee Sheets

Senior Fee Sheets

Junior Fee Sheets 

Cross Country/Running Club

Thank you for all athletes who were a part of the Heights Cross Country Team! We had a very successful year winning the EIPS championship banner! 

Please hand in your jerseys to Ms.Oszip ASAP. Thank you 

Cross Country Fee Information