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School Education Plan Strategy Highlight

Within our newsletter, we want to provide you with information on how we are working to meet our school goals through various strategies.  One strategy for this year is to raise awareness of school activities and achievements throughout the community via expanded use of social media and a weekly newsletter. 

This strategy stems from one of our school goals which is that ‘Students are engaged, active and positive citizens who exemplify Cougar PRIDE’.  As well, a division outcome which states ‘Student learning is supported and enhanced through parent engagement’.

Staff have done a great amount of work over the past two months in starting this strategy.  We have a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as this new format newsletter – Cougar Tracks.  This is Issue 2 of our newsletter and we are getting favorable reviews.  Twitter, which has a focus of reaching our broad community, had 5500 impressions this past week.  Last week on Facebook, which reaches families, we live streamed our awards and 427 people clicked to view. In total we have reached 779 people via Facebook this past week.  Instagram has a focus of reaching mostly students and we had over 8 000 impressions.  Thus far we have done a great job at increasing the awareness of school activities in order to engage our community in our school.  As the year progresses we hope for more followers and contributors so that we can promote the development of positive citizens who exemplify Cougar PRIDE.

Information sharing is one step in increasing engagement.  If you have a story you would like shared or if you have questions about our communications, please contact the school.  We would be happy to hear your ideas about improving.  You can find the entire School Education Plan on our website.