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Number Talks Rock!

On Wednesday our math classes began a new approach to strengthening their numeracy skills and being able to share their thinking about numbers.  Our Elk Island Schools Numeracy Specialist, Amaya Ortigosa, spent the day with our teachers and students doing Number Talks with classes.  

Number Talks are short (10 minutes or so) exercises that help students strengthen their mental math skllls, and also help them communicate their thinking so that students can learn from each other.

The goals of Number Talks are to help teachers meet the basic skills maintenance outcomes in the Mathematics Program of Studies, as well as help meet our Sherwood Heights School Education Plan goal to help students grow at least one year in Numeracy development during the course of the school year. 

All of our math teachers will be doing Number Talks with their students over the course of the next few months - we are excited to see how it supports their confidence and abilities in mental math!


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